Im so happy!

My one yr post surgery is coming up!!!!!1 For the Last few weeks ive been going through some testing...mri, eeg and hearing test.....Although i did lose some vision in both eyes it was nothing compare to what i could have lost and that is life. I went in yesterday for my mri looked good just some scar tissue and residual stuff from my eeg was normal just so slow activity around where my avm was located but all looked normal...i still deal with some headaches and migraines but my neurologist gave me a list of natural herbs that can prevent my headaches....I can finally say that my 2 yr journey is finally at peace....this experience will always be apart of me and truly woke me life has changed for the now 28yrs old and im looking for forward to my future...
getting back in shape and continuning my education is on my list....its been a rollar coaster and it was like my life as put on docs say take it easy and listen to my body..if im tired sleep and if i feel overworked take a day off..i've lost friendships, ive cried (still do lol), i felt hope less ..i am now embracing it all and with that said im still dealing with it emotionally but in a good way...yay to me !!!

Thanks so much for following me throughout my journey..

Nay- What a beautiful blog post. It is not an easy task to put our lives into perspective after diagnosed/bleed, etc. with an AVM. Our journey is a big part of what happens after the fact and how we must change our lives and try to see the good. I have seen you change just on this site in your writing, how you feel about yourself, your avm, and what you have to offer others, especially those with AVMS. I am so glad you continue to update us about how you grow every day!! Here is a virtual hug for you. You deserve it. I am glad you are at peace with everything now. We all need to get there, whatever our path, and you have done so quite successfully.