I'm ok

Hi everyone,

Today is the first day that the headaches didn't overcome much of my day so I thought I would catch everyone up again. I am sure you saw my pics.

Bessie is gone. Dr. Barrow verified good blood flow and the surgery was successful. I am still having a good bit of headaches throughout the day, especially after the really good medicine ran out. I am finding a heating pad works the best placed at the base of my neck.

I felt some numbness on my right hands (two middle fingers) which unnerved me a little bit, but I am hoping its because I forgot to take my anti-seizure meds twice in a row and not something stemming from the surgery. If it happens again, I am going to reach out to the surgeon.

Has anyone noticed that after a craniotomy, everything tastes the same? There is a really annoying and unpleasant taste that follows everything I eat, no matter how spicy or sweet it is. I've lost 7 lbs really quickly because I am not hungry at all nor does anything taste good. Did anyone go through this after a craniotomy? Maybe it's should be something I bring up the surgeon.

Well, this is about my limit now. It feels good to be back. Look forward to talk to many of you again.


It is wonderful that you took some time to post an update. Yay for the obliteration of Bessie and a successful surgery! I will keep checking for replies and wish you the best.

Congratulations! You did great! My AVM was also in the left temp lobe and I had the same scare that you have. Once your hair grows back, no one will ever know you have that scare.

I vaguely remember the taste issue, but it didn't last very long.

Also, please remember to take your seizure med the same time every day. I take mine at 7 AM and then again at 7 PM... I'm obsessed with keeping my time schedule so I won't have a seizure.

Stay Strong & Positive!

Glad your doing well, the taste thing could also be a side effect of your meds.

Congratulations on a successful surgery. Now let's pray your headaches subside...

so happy you are ok!!! thanks for letting us know!