I had a bad week no one is helping me in tucson az!

Hi I hope everybody is doing great! After the brain surgery I had to get the AVM out I have a lot of anger issues and I don't know how to deal with my new personalty my nero surgon didn't tell me the BIG CHANGE I WOULD HAVE TO LEARN ABOUT MYSELF I haven't had a job in a long time it seen that no one that does brain enjery therpy don't take my low income in. YOU JUST BETTER HAVE ALOT OF MONEY IF NEED BRAIN SURGERY PLEASE HELP ME IM SUFFERING THANKS!

It is discouraging to hear you aren’t getting any help. Did your anger issues appear after your surgery, or before? Cody has always had anger problems, and we are curious to see how this surgery will change his personality too. Our largest concern is his blood pressure going up when he gets upset…he can really hit the roof. If I come across any literature on help in AZ, I’ll send your way!! Best of luck!!

Hi sister of cody yes it happened after I had the brain surgery also I find all this out by reading a book no one told me I would have extreme anger issues before the surgery I was easy to get along with my family gets my more angery when they tell me what I allreddy now yes I found about my new personalty by myself as well! I guess my nero surgon in more worried about getting sued then me.My perosonalty changes I think everyones different but for me I eat differently I don't seem to have much of sence of humror also when I got the ok to die my hair I had it high lighted I also like more solid color clothes also I never wear my glasses in pubic That just a couple of thing that I figured out about myself y

Anyway Im still learning about who Im but really Im a stranger to myself and my family they know what to say to make me feel likeing moving and taking my pesonalty with me!

Paris, I just sent you a message. :slight_smile:

Paris, I am sorry about the anger issues. If you can see a neuropsychologist or a therapist who is familiar with brain injuries, a professional can help you learn to "put the brakes" on expressing your anger and may help improve your social interactions with others. Meditation and relaxation techniques may also be helpful to you. If you are unable to see a professional, googling "relaxation breathing techniques" can help you find some strategies that you can practice on your own. Hang in there, Paris.