How often shouldI measure my Ketones

Anybody has tried the Keto Diet to reduce/eliminate the frequency of seizures?

I started yesterday and was wondering how often should I measure :straight_ruler: my Ketones.

I appreciate suggestions

Hi Rafa, I’m interested in what you find out. I have a vegan diet and I’m not sure if there’s any way to measure that. I know some cholesterol is bad so I want to keep that down. Best wishes, Greg

Here is information regarding the keto diet. It can be useful in children with certain types of epilepsy, and is done under a doctor’s order. I would strongly encourage you to talk to your doctor before starting any type of restrictive diet, and particularly in a case like this.

Sharon from ModSupport

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Hello my husband did this for awhile he said if you want you can test daily and soon you will be able to tell. He said that your breath will actually smell sweet.

I know my friend who is an epileptic neuro surgeon at ucsf suggested high protein with good fat like coconut oil multiple meals for our seizure cat @kokothemiraclecat and we were told he would not live past 4 . He will be turning 16 this May . He is also on phenobarbital but the coconut oil helps detox’s his liver . 1/4 tsp a day .