How long it's been

So here I am contimplating how long it's been 1 yr and 9 mo. and although I have had some good weeks at the most, I am back to weak legs, they hurt after a mo. of throbbign headaches. I would really like this all to end. I have no disability and we are hurting financially so it's been hard and I hate being the reason for our problems. It seems there are no clear answers too ALL my ?'s..... I know Im not alone in my thinking but it's so darn hard. God Bless you al!

Hi Heidi. Just said a prayer for you!

Thanx Barbara, hope all is well with you!

Hi Heidi,
Yes, it is truly hard & frustrating when you don't feel well & when our good drs. can't explain the symptoms we're having.
Try to focus on those "good weeks" you're having & consider the not-so-good moments as 'hiccups' along your journey.
Take care & hang in there! :)

Thanx trying to stay positive, it helped to spend the day w/ a friend and just get out there even though I didn't feel like it! Thank you! YOU TOO