Is this hereditary?? Does anyone know or heard anything. Im concerned my Dad had an AVM also his 1st cousin does.

I think its hereditary, in my case, lost my mom, aunt and cousin these two were on my mom;s side of the family.

I would encourage you to click on the link Trish sent you. I think you will find it interesting. Also, the one I just posted. If you have more than one family member with an AVM. Then yes you probably have the HHT gene. However, the only way to know for sure is to be tested. Hope this info helps!

Yes I heard it was. Is it you that is worried about it? It can be found before it bursts. I wish mine was found. Doesn't hurt to have a catscan, and it can stop alot of grief!!

AVM's are typically congenital (abnormality develops as brain develops in the mother's womb) while aneurysms do have a family history component.

if you have a strong history, makes sense to get a brain MRA just for peace of mind (at least i would), though your risk is likely very, very low.

my immediate family had brain MRA's done just for 'peace of mind', all were clear.

This discussion is a year old, but since it has come up again, I wanted to add some information:

First, being congenital does not necessarily exclude being hereditary; you can have a gene that would cause an error in fetal development.

Second, genetic testing is complex for HHT and is generally not initiated until a family member has been diagnosed clinically. This is because HHT is not due to just a single mutation, but a number of possible mutations, so a blood sample from the HHT-diagnosed person is needed first and then the other family members can be compared to that sample.

Third, there are many other genetic conditions that can cause avms to run in families; HHT is the best-known (and not very well known at that).

Smor2687, with two family members who have avms, it would not be unreasonable to ask to be screened. Some people prefer not to know. It is a personal choice, and there is no right or wrong answer.

My neurosurgeon and neurologist both insisted it is NOT hereditary... I had the same concern for my sons since I, and a first cousin had brain bleeds. Mine was an AVM, not sure what my cousin had.

Hi smor2687
With my discussions since being diagnosed with an AVM, I have been told that you are born with them, and are not hereditary.
I found out, that when you are a foetus, your blood and basic nutrition that comes from your Mother, is passed into your system via a series of Veins and Arteries which when you are actually born become "redundant" as you manage to cope on your own two feet.
These "redundant" mess of capillaries, veins, arteries etc give the vast majority of people no problems whatsoever, however in some, and in this case all of us, things start to go a bit haywire.
They cannot be predicted, however if you do have concerns with your Family, I suppose the next step would be to arrange an MRI scan. I really can't see who, Neurologically speaking, would complain or think anything other than concern for your Dad.
I am great believer of getting things that concern you checked out, irrespective of what the Medical Practitioners think.
Better to find out if you or your Family have anything like an AVM. As we all know, if it bleeds without warning it becomes a totally different scenario.
Its your life, and your Families, what's wrong with making sure they are ok.