Happy and frustrated all at the same time

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I just wanted to let everyone know that I met with Dr.Sinclair in Montreal. He is a fantastic doctor and I am so happy to have found a great doctor! He told me it will be a very long process to get rid of the avm but we will start step by step.
Since February of 2013, I have had one to two seizures a month and they are now happening about every three weeks. I am wondering if any of you are having a lot of seizures and what do you think are some of the main triggers for the seizures? My medication is not helping with my seizures! I am getting very frustrated with these seizures and I just wanted to talk about it with others who are going through the same. Thank you for listening to me everyone :slight_smile:
I am grateful for this group!

Brella, you may wish to repost this as a discussion in our Seizure group. Just click on "Groups" to find the seizure group. You can even send a message to all members of that group for advice.