Hair loss

I had radio surgery the week before Christmas and now have found seven bald spots in my hair. They are luckily hidden under more hair but I am a bit upset about them. Has everyone’s hair come back?

I know that feeling …have you asked your physician(s) about it ? So common for many of us . My hair came back …mostly , but it took some time. We’re all different so talk with your medical team and give it some time . Be good to you . Take care of you .

No I found the spots right after my last appointment. I figure I will give it a while see what happens.

Yes. I didn't realize it fell out in the back the first time in Feb 2013. I just thought my hair parting funny in the back. The second go around I guess maybe less than 2 weeks after my second round in Sept 2013 I had a big 4 inch diameter bald spot right up front that was very noticable. I could cover it with my hair. Good thing I long hair. Just had to make sure it stayed over to the left. It has came back pretty good. Be glad when it grows way out.