Had my Angiogram

I’ve been absent from this site and I apologize for not responding to your messages.

On the 29th, I had an Angiogram to see if the AVM is still active or not. I don’t get the results until the 14th of May, so I have to wait until then.

I’ve had 2 previous angiograms, so there was nothing I didn’t expect. All went to plan but it went for about 1.5 hours! A long one. Only a couple very painful spots (the neck) but overall, no problems. These things feel like a casual routine now - I don’t really feel needles anymore when they’re sticking them into your arm or wrist or hand because i’ve had so many, mri’s feel like seeing friend for lunch and seeing specialists also feel like that. I used to find everything an adventure - even when I was getting my radiation, I was in the hospital literally dancing to Elvis Presley on my headphones. It was new and exciting, in a weird kind of way. Now I’m just drained from doctors appointments nearly every week and frequent scans. I’m sure you all know what it’s like.

I’m feeling okay today but on that day, I was just feeling like “ugh! not again”. All these ‘adventures’ were not making my stronger anymore but weakening me. Mentally. Perhaps not weakening me but just…it’s now a damn hassle!

And yet in saying all that, I don’t feel excited about my possible ‘deactivation’ of the time bomb. Strange emotions. I don’t understand it.

That’s all for now. I’m going to enjoy the weekend!

I hope everyone has positive news of their own.