Great news!

I’m finally getting somewhere!! I have a neurosurgeon! I don’t have an appointment quite yet but should find out when I can see him by the end of the week. I know its only a small step but this has been a long time just trying to find out my neurosurgeon. For anyone who has gone to John’s Hopkins, my neurosurgeon’s name is Dr. Paul Bash. Has anyone had him before? I’m just so excited. It took a month and a half just to get a neurosurgeon’s name haha.

Any step is terrific, and this is a significant one.

Take care,


Hi Alyssa.
I’ve been through a similar situation recently… and I have my appointment with my new neuro on the 7th of May… I haven’t had any experience with that particular neurosurgeon I just wanted to congratulate you and encourage you… keep being persistent and I wish you the best.

Yay! Congrats Alyssa! Just remember, this is a long road, and the answers will come over many visits (mine are coming in VERY slowly). You have taken a huge step!!!

Let us know how it goes!


Thanks everyone!! I was so excited when I got the news.

So glad you can move forward now. I know John Hopkins is an excellent facility!!!

thats awesome!