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Gamma Knife Radiation Procedure Works


I’ve been on my AVM journey for 2 years and 6 mos. Gamma Knife Radiation was used to eradicate my AVM. Since the beginning (11/14), I’ve had several MRI’s, MRA’s, etc. Two days ago I had an MRI without contrast dye and one with dye. The results were great. The film showed no trace of the 4cm AVM in my Cerebellum! It appears that the GK procedure worked! I am over-joyed. It’s been a hard 2-1/2 years filled with fear, doubt, memory-loss, confusion, helplessness, hopefulness, improvements, set-backs, tears, pain and the will to keep fighting when giving up seemed so much easier to do. However, it’s not quite over yet. My doctor’s want to do one more Angiogram w/dye before they are satisfied that the Monster is gone. I have been truly blessed and I am eternally grateful to the AVM Survivors Network for providing me with encouragement, support and friendship and I will pay-it- forward to as many AVM-ers as I can. I have learned so much from all of you. I found courage I didn’t know I had! I will continue to practice Prayer & Patience for the rest of my life. I thank you all for welcoming me into the AVM family. God Bless you all.


Couldn’t agree more. It a such a long journey, best wishes to you!

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That’s GREAT! I’m so happy for you! <3


I am happy for you. I also had a 2.8 cm in diameter AVM in the right parietal region of the brain. It has been 28 months since my radiation and 4 months ago during my 2nd annual CT and MRI the AVM had disappeared from the CT and the computer could only see very minimum activity in that area for the MRI. The doctor told me that as far as she is concern its done and gone. I will check the results next January again.

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That is fantastic news Sharon! Great to hear Kosta! Always great to hear the success stories with these darn things. The stories of determination and courage on here are a motivation to me for sure. Thanks and Take Care, John.


Congratulations. I’m so happy for you. It will be 5 years in October of this year since I found out about mine. I too have had radiation treatment. I’m super excited about having another angiogram done to see if it is gone. It had grew 2 new feeders the last time i had an angio. I pray that it is gone. I am so happy for you!