Functional MRI results- update

I went for a funtional MRI and it revealed that my AVM probably incorporates the cortical spinal tract so I am really confused now what to do. Does anyone know the function of the cortical spinal tract? I’m guessing that controls my spine function but? Also sounds like this AVM is right on my motor strip - Hoping to hear from doctor tomorrow on his thoughts after receiving this info. hope I’m reading this wrong. I am wondering how they could use gamma knife and treat this without damaging the spinal tract if it is incorporated in this thing.
Update- The gamma knife nurse talked to my neurosurgeon and he said the wording was a mistake in the fMRI report and that there is no brain in the AVM so it does not incorporate the cortical spinal tract, only borders it. You would think when they write these reports, they would select wording a little more carefully. Big difference between incorporates and borders.