I don’t know how to deal with constant pain. The past 3 weeks my hand has been going numb and tingely… and its really painful, I don’t sleep through the night because my hand wakes me up and I have to move to one side of my bed to put my hand as low as possible, typing this is causing me pain, even simple tasks like washign my hair in the shower hurts my hand because it goes numb. I’ve started taking celebrex to try to deal with the pain but even that doesnt really help. I’m supposed to be getting a new compression glove which i hope will help manage the pain… until then I don’t know what im supposed to do… I’m not even supposed to take advil with celebrex because its an NSAID as well… any suggestions as to what might help? Until then it’s at least good to vent to people who probably understand the situation a lot more than my friends. thanks =]

hi heather, are you able to take an ANALGESIC (Pain Relief) not an ANTI INFLAMMATORY with your Celabrex??? Paracetamol + Codein ??? ask your doctor.
Celebrex = Anti inflammatory (inflammation)
Panadol = Analgesic (Pain)
sometimes an anti inflammotory med does not help with pain, just the inflammation.
cos they are in two Different groups they may be taken together.
i work in a pharmacy.


Hi Heather,

I am in a somewhat similar situation as you right now. I’ve been having problems using the outer two fingers of my right hand. My doctor told me it was probably job related and gave me a compression sleeve to wear to bed. Instead I have worn it while working, and it has helped tremendously. Hope your compression glove brings function back to your hand.

Take care,


Hey Heather. I know you said that your doc doesn’t want to do more embo’s by your thumb cause she thinks it is too risky with no real benefit…but can maybe an embo somewhere else in your hand relieve some of the pressure you are experiencing now that is causing all of the pain??? I know that I have had that happen a few times, where they strategically treated a different area that ended up helping with where the pain manifested because of all the little pathways and inter-related vessels. I don’t know…I’m sure you have already thought of all of that. It just sucks. I don’t know any pain remedies for you. But I’ve been there with the constant pain and it is draining for sure. Call your doc and have them give you a script for a stronger pain med. If you get worn out from not sleeping and being in pain, that isn’t going to be good for your general health much less dealing with the AVM. I’m sure your doc can help with something, no???

Thank you guys =]
I’ve been taking both tylenol (sometimes tylenol 1’s) and the celebrex, I also don’t really want to be taking too strong of a pain med because I don’t want to be taking T3’s and falling asleep at work and in class. I’m really hoping the compression glove comes soon, but until then I’ve emailed my Dr. and she also suggested that I might have to get more treatment, it’s just hard seeing that I just started another semester at university and I really don’t want to start missing things. I’ve also talked to her about the possibility of carpal tunnel… I think its a fairly likely possibility given the way my hand has been hurting… I’m going to a doctor on thursday to get that checked out but I have a feeling that even if it is carpal tunnel it could be caused by the anurysm on my wrist (which is quite large) anyways hopefully I will have some sort of answer on thursday and if not maybe I will just ahve to find time to make a trip up to montreal to see my actual doctor. And thanks shalon… it definetly is draining… its hard because not only do I have to deal with the pain (which is definetly wearing me out) but also the fact that I started a new job, started school and moved only two weeks ago… I’m pretty exhausted and can’t wait for a day off so I can sleep and just relax. =]
But thanks again for all the support!!

I take aleeve for the pain. I don’t think it’s an nsaid. Anyway, you should try aleeve. I’ll wake up from intense pain in my arm, and pop an aleeve. Most of the time the pain goes away completely. Mine might not be as bad as yours though?

aleeve is the brand name naproxen (which is an nsaid hehe i only know because i work part time in a pharmacy) …and the pain i get a lot of the time isnt worth taking anything because it comes and goes. when its really bad thats when i end up taking advil to like the maximum dose… although aleeve is probably would be a good idea for when that happens. I ended up stopping the celebrex anyways, it didn’t really seem to be doing anything, I guess some things are better than others for different problems =]

Sorry, I was thinking acetominophen, not nsaid!

hehe yeah acetominophen is helpful when ibuprofen just doesnt cut it =]

Hey Heather,
I have an AVM similar to yours mine is in the left hand and up my forearm! PAIN!!! We all know about that with these things! Unfortunate but life I guess, right??? I have been at a loss for treatment for quite some time now but wanted to mention that I have been on prescription meds for 5 yrs and counting because anything else simply was not working! Not sleeping is very common for myself as well! I take Ambien on top of my pain meds and I am finally up to about 6 hrs of sleep when you add it all up! It does help! As far as pain meds from your Dr. its a rough journey and a completely different lifestyle to adapt to but to have some relief from time to time is an amazing feeling! Any question just reach out, I havetried many different treatments and meds…more than willing to share my experiences!!!
Keep your head up…I also have a compression glove but I personally dont care for it to much! How does yours work for you? Rachel :slight_smile: