Frankincense Essential Oil for Seizures

Hey, I wanted to let everyone know that my son thought a seizure was coming on so he put some Frankincense essential oil under his tongue. The pulsating sensation stopped and he didn't have a seizure. He did say, though, that he wasn't positive it was the same sensation he usually gets. We'll have to wait and see if it happens again to see if the Frankincense is what stopped the potential seizure.

I'm not sure if it's best for me to post stuff like this here, in a blog, in a discussion, or what. I'm still trying to navigate my way around this website.

I hope that you all and your families are doing well!

Wow, that's fascinating, Suzy. Keep us updated if it continues to work, and you may want to post about this to the seizure group:

Keep me posted too. I work with essential oils but, frankincense is one I don't keep in my collection. If it works, I'll be sure to get some. When it's on sale (hee hee).

I think posting this in a "blog" is a good place for this. I can't speak for everyone else but, I AM open for any ideas that might work (smiling).

I wish your son the best. I do hope the frankincense proves to help him. I get seizures too and I know what it's like.... not pleasant.


dancermom - thank you for letting me know about the seizure group. I'll be sure to post my info there, too.

Ben Mrl - Frankincense IS expensive, unfortunately! If it works, though, it will be completely worth it! I'm sorry about your seizures. I'll definitely let you all know if the frankincense works again!

I just wanted to update you that it has been 7 weeks and my son hasn't had ANY seizures! We still have only given him Frankincense. He was having them every 2 1/2 weeks! Praise God for the healing plants He created!!!

Thanks for the update, Suzy! I'm glad it is good news.

My granddaughter is having brain swelling and headaches post op (16 months). Unfortunately, she is now on steroids due to these problems. Now she is dealing with weight gain, sore joints and moon face caused by the steroids. I had read about Frankincense as a possible way to help with the brain swell) (a study conducted in Germany). The study did not say what brand and to this point, we have only been gutsy enough to use it with a carrier oil (1 drop frankincense to 2 drops almond oil) and apply topically. The health food store where we bought the oil said that THEY would not ingest it - their reasoning was that an essential is VERY strong.

Suzy . . . I'm encouraged by your post, as I always turn to natural before pharma - but this is my granddaughter and I'm treading slowly. Can you tell me what brand you use? I don't know if that's allowed (brand names) on the forum.