For those that had an AVM and or surgery and lost feeling

So i had my AVM removed via surgery on the 16th of January this year and it resulted in a left sided deficiency ( i lost all feeling in my left side. I also have a field cit in my left eye. I am start to gain some very little amounts of feeling back but i was wondering if any one else has experienced this and how they dealt/are dealing with it!

Hi Briezzy, I also had my AVM removed but recovered with no deficits (luck ?) but I think the fact that you are starting to see gains in feeling can only be a good thing. I hope you have more recovery and are healthy again soon. Take care.

Thank yiu

Morning Briezzy, Ive not had any treatment but left with numbness/tingles and really cold areas from my first bleed. I was told that nerve pathways are really difficult to reconnect compared to regaining movement but it all depends on the damage caused during your surgery which Im sure you will regain all feeling in no time. But if, not your not alone :slight_smile: from my finger tips to just past my elbow are numb and tingling 24/7. My face tingles and always gets really icy cold. My foot can get really bad tingles and pains as well but to be honest, you really do get used to it. I mean you have good days and annoying ones where you just want it to be like the other but you really do tend to forget. I guess its like anything on your body. As I get older Im noticing a lot of different changes with my body and things are not like they used to be so I try to accept it as one of those changes which make up the person we are. All the best

Hi Briezy. In 2001 I had sugery to remove my avm. After the sugery I dealt with nystagmus, diplopia and ataxia. I can’t say I lost feeling on my left side. With therapy, the diplopia and nystagmus are gone but I do deal with deficits of my left side(weakness,some loss of coordination-no walking a tight rope or balance beam). I used to write with my left but compensated by practising with my right. Switching to be right handed was less taxing and exhausting than trying to stay a lefty. It’s patience, it’s effort, it’s challenging. I wish you much strength and courage with whatever you must face

thank you

thank you

Hi Briezzy, I had my AVM removed three years ago and I did lose feeling on the left side of my head. I feel pressure (like if someone puts their hand on it or I hit it) and pain, but I don't feel sensation. It's a weird feeling. I'm not sure if it's the same as what you're feeling. I can tell you that it hasn't gone away. If you're regaining feeling though, I can bet that you're probably going to gain all of it back or at least most of it. I have learned to ignore it and pay more attention with concerns of hitting my head on stuff. I also just don't like people touching my head on that side and I usually find a way around anyone doing it unless they're my doctor. I wish you the best of luck and health, I hope this helped you.

So it’s been 3years and you still don’t have the feeling back??? Did you lose feeling anywhere else?

That’s correct, it hasn’t come back. There were complications though, so it could have been from that but I’m not entirely sure that it is. I haven’t lost feeling in any other parts of my body. I’m assuming that the feeling for me won’t come back.

Wow I’m sorry.

Wow I’m sorry

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