Finally some help

Well I´m in the hospital since a week back. My friend took me to the emergency on new years because I couldn´t almost talk. And then The ambulance took me to uppsala where the specialist are treating me. They have took all kinds of tests and put me on meds for epilepsi. Feeling week and still having problems with the speech and my right side is weeker than my left but I´m training every day. The doctors say that they have to know were it comes from or see a… hmm dont know tha right word… better. progress!! in my speech and srength before they can operate. so I´m fighting myself trough the days and trying to stay positive, There are times when I feel like giving up and I´ll cry my self to sleep. But my family and friends all support me and keep me hanging on. Miss my kids alot!!! And my dog!! But I know I need to be here and I feel safe. My love was here today. Felt so good just to hold him in my arms, didn´t want to let him go. Ok thats all I have the strengt to wright. Have to rest now. Love you everyone and miss you. Älskar er!!