FINALLY looking up for this lady

I woke up this morning to find out my Husband let me sleep in, while he was on the phone all morning working his butt off to find me someone to let me pay for their medical insurance. It is so hard with a preexisting condition, but I think we have finally found our shot. He is so supportive, and willing to work hard to make me better. Any other 25 year old husband could have wrote this marriage off when he discovered the battle we would go through. NOT MY HUSBAND, he is by my side still after 8 years, and 4 years married. I could not have asked for a better life partner...

...The good news is by Wednsday of next week I will have my first insurance policy. Specialists, HERE I COME! I am going to get better, beat this, and move on with my life to give my husband a family, and finish my BA, move on in school until I am considered Dr. Driskill, and earn a career. Here I come world, with a pleasant smile on this bright face!!! Best morning ever!!!

Good for you! That's the best possible attitude you will need to get through this. Go get 'em Whitney!

You go girl! You're husband sounds awesome and you have the right attitude. Hang in there and no matter what, we will always be here for you! Hope you're feeling well. Keep us posted, will ya? :)

I'm soooo happy for you, Whitney!!!
It's an amazing Blessing to find such a wonderful, supportive life-partner too! How well I can relate! :)
Please keep us updated & congrats to you.

You are a very rich woman, Whitney. :) I'm happy for you.

Thank you everyone!

This is an exciting time for me, I guess you do have to take the good with the bad...It pays off in the end. A doctor's visit can mean meds, answers, and a possible win for my disability. My husband means the world to me, and has been very understanding and supportive through all of this. It is nice to have someone who truly loves a person for everything about them, even the BAD. I have been waiting for this, since the day that I was diagnosed, two and a half years ago. You guys are all very supportive in a way that my husband cannot be because he understands he does not know personally how I feel...But you guys do. Thank you!