Embo #2 booked - finally!

After months of waiting for my next embolization I finally have a date. It turns out the operating room is closed the first two weeks in july - and august. So the date has been set for august 31st, a mere six days before moving to university! That leaves 19 days to finish buying everything and packing up my entire life. I’m hoping this second embo has a faster recovery time than my first one as orientation weeks starts up right away, and classes soon after. I’m crossing my fingers that there will be no complications.

Wow! Exciting and busy time for you :slight_smile: I too hope it is smooth sailing for this one as you can’t miss out on all thost important first days of college. Maybe that in itself will make you recoup quickly. Knowing you have school and an entire new chapter of your life just waiting for you to get going. :slight_smile:
Good luck with all of it.

What an exciting time in your life going to school! My fingers are crossed and I know you will recover quicly from your embo you are a strong person. All my best to you and you are in my thoughts. Good luck with everything.

good luck with everything!! starting college can be very stressful, so try not to worry about your avm toooo much. itd be a good idea to let your roommate know what is going on incase there is an emergency though

Hi Becky, There seems to be quite a few college girls on this site. My daughter is one, although she doesn’t check in here like I do. I could put you in touch with her if you want someone to talke to. She is starting her sophomore year and just became AVM -free(!!!) 2 weeks ago. She’s had gamma knife, one embo and then a craniotomy 5 days after the embo(8/9/10). All is good now. No deficits. She gets tired, but hey, it’s only been 2 wks!

Becky - Wow! This must be an exciting time for you. I hope that you get through your embolization well. I’ll pray that you’ll have a good recovery so you can prepare for your semester at the university. Good luck to you.

Thank you everyone for your support! I will be sure to update everyone on how the procedure went.