Dr. Spetzler retiring and Dr. Lawton taking over. Received letter from Barrow Neurological Institute notifying Dr. Spetzler patients of the change

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I want to thank Dr. Spetzler for his years of taking care of AVM patients. I am greatful and thankful for having him as my Nuerosurgeon. In 2013 he successfully removed my right parietal lobe AVM. I want to wish him a wonderful retirement, enjoy well deserved

There is no better successor than Dr. Lawton who finished is nuerosurgery residency at Barrow under Dr. Spetzler’s Guidance. Needless to say that Dr. Lawton is considered one of the Top Nuerosurgeons in the country. He is cuurently The Vice Chairman of Nuerosugery at UCSF.

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Wow, Thanks for sharing this info, Dr Lawton is very well respected within our community and well known world wide, Its sad for Dr Spetzler to have to step out but there is no one better for the replacement than Dr Lawton :slight_smile: . Thanks.