Does anyone get anxiety attacks?

So i had radiations about a month ago … I had felt as normal as i had before radiations… Til yesterday i have developed the same headaches as before with the same intensity and also the same anxiety attacks as before… Does anyone get anxiety attacks?? If so what are your symptoms? And any advice?? Today i got a headache and then i started shaking, my arms went numb, i was dizzy and super nauseous and i couldnt breathe! :frowning: any advice??

Ever since my Avm was diagnosed, Ive suffered with anxiety attacks. I use Xanax as a quick fix and therapy when the seizures get too frequent. Who wouldn’t be panicked with the thought of an Avm bleed? Talk with your doctor for relief of the symptom’s.

You are not alone! I have also suffered from anxiety attacks since I was a young teenager. I also have severe migraines and chronic headaches. My panic attacks are so bad sometimes I lose feeling in my legs and my stomach physically shakes. I get sore all over my body from the muscles becomming so tense. I cannot breathe, my chest feels like it is being crushed and each inhale sends my stomach into my throat. I get it!! Please talk to your doctor, only they can decide what is best for your anxiety. Journaling is a great resource and would help you learn your triggers. Good luck and know you ate in my prayers, God is bigger than this! Please feel free to msg me if u need to talk or vent, this site is filled with lots of supportive people