Dizzy dizzy

has anybody out there experienced vertigo and symptoms getting worse and worse when you would imagine they would get better, not one to bother docs or medical people but am getting a bit desperate am getting such hot heads worry that will have another bleed but neurosurgeon says avm all gone and wont bleed again. but so dizzy all the time and stagger around like a drunk ha ha but i do like a glass or two of wine.also has anyone been flying with vertigo as i do need to fly to greece but am scared of the feeling.went to a social gathering at week end but ended up in tears and leaving early god i would have loved that before my bleed !!! thanks to all!! sorry for going on!!!

Hi Susan. I too experience vertigo and dizziness to varying degress almost daily. Some days it's really bad, some days only mild. I would recommend first talking to your doctor. I too was worried that my AVM was back. My neurologist did a bunch of tests to determine if my symptoms were a sign of a seizure disorder. I've never had a seizure and there was no sign of any seizure disorder. He also made sure it wasn't a problem with my inner ear. I went to see a physical therapist that specializes in vertigo issues. He had me do different exercises that basically induced dizziness. This was to try to make my brain help itself and overcome the vertigo. That didn't really work. I wish I had advice on what helps but I really haven't figured out how to ease the vertigo symptoms when they get really bad. I know it's difficult, but hang in there. I'm sure someone here will give you some suggestions.

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hi trish thanks for your comments its comforting to know someone out there understands! yes i am undergoing those excercizes twice daily to make the brain go down another route but after 4 months i feel slightly worse am going back next week so will tell them in the nicest possible way!!if i find out any info i will add a posting but thanks again. hubby home soon so will start tea ta ta!!

You may want to check out the website: www.dizzyfix.com for a hat that that alleviates certain types of vertigo (BPPV). I had a friend that had vertigo and the hat works by you moving your head a certain way to mimic the way a vertigo Dr. Would alleviate your vertigo symptoms by manipulation.

I have been dealing with vertigo for two years now. And most recently, lots of dizziness. I have had my inner ear testing and that was fine. Tomorrow I am having a 24 hour EEG to see if I am having seizures. If it's not seizures, my neuro dr thinks it may be atypical migraines and she wants me to try topamax. Do you have any other symptoms with the vertigo?? I'm not big on taking meds but I'm willing to try anything! I am sick of feeling this way. I hope your flight to Greece goes well. Hugs!

hi nina thanks for your reply well the worst is the vertigo dizziness since my bleed 18th nov 2010 which neuro doc thinks has caused this damage but we are trying re hab excercizes at mo and i went yesterday to hosp told her that i am getting worse she said try a bit longer and then go docs to make sure nothing else is going on. other symptoms are extemely hot heads like hot flushes, sleep alot and deep, very unsteady and funny little pains in head every now and again generally feel unwell do you feel like this mind you its very changeable isnt it you can wake up ok then 1 hour later bang. like you i dont like meds but i may have to in the end. i feel like you so fed up with feeling dizzy sometimes sicky i was so fit before were you? just be hopeful and positive well try thanks again.

just a thought. Dizziness has many causes, but one thing to try is to eat when you feel dizzy just to see if it's simply hypoglycemia. Very common issue, I was having dizzy feeling at same time of the day recently, and it was getting ridiculous. I found that by eating a snack at 4pm I generally can avoid feeling dizzzy at 5pm (I eat at very specific times, and apparently a sandwich at around 11:30pm would mean spike, then drop in sugar. mine's more confusing because i have asthma and i exercise then as well, but i figure can't hurt to see if it's a blood sugar. i eat, it goes away, so it's definitely part of my problem.