Ding dong my avm is gone!

This is my celebration cake

That is an awesome cake! I love it. Where did you possibly find a bakery that could do a brain like that? Excellent idea too!

I went to a bakery that I had make a White Sux cake, but with Cubs colors instead of black and white. It was a ton of fun ordering it!!! First thing I told them was I bet you have never had a request like this before… The guy replied with try me. So I lay out my plan. I found a picture of a brain online and they printed an outline onto the cake and then piped the colored gel/frosting. Needless to say they have never done a cake with a brain on it. I think they had as much fun helping me and I did ordering it!!!

Congratulations! It’s a good moment when you finally get yourself cleaned out. And then to have such a good cake. I hope you ate it all by now.


Awesome, love these stories!

Excellent!!! This is what we should all expect, hope and trust that we will be able to change our status to "Obliterated"
Just like on the back of a U.S. dollar bill–“IN GOD WE TRUST”


Love the cake and congrats on your AVM being gone!! What wonderful news and definitely cause for a celebration.


I love your celebration cake!!! What a great idea and congrats to you!!!

Congrats!!! i know how you feel…great cake…when the doctor told me mine was gone i was in total shock that i couldnt say anything. Enjoy your celebration and live life now and dont life live you! best wishes

how long did it take to go away…and how bad was it??

Mine is too …You cake is awesome CONGRATULATIONS!!!

OK who ate the brain??? lol. Seriously congrats and sorry I was so late with this. Obliterated has such a nice ring to it… :slight_smile:

Hey!!! Congrats oon your AVM being gone!!! YAHOO!!! Thanks be to GOD :slight_smile:

LOVE this cake!! I know it's been a while since you posted this but it is perfect! I have had the amazing gift of total removal in 2009. I am happy to have found your picture of this:) I hope that your recovery is going well and I wish you peace with this wonderful news.

That cake is Awsome! Nice...

thats a great cake....excellent & God bless

Best cake ever :D And the slogan! Love it :)