Difficult decisions

Here is the link to my latest blog post. I didn't end up going back to the mean consultant, even though everyone told me to as he was the only one who said he could help. I couldn't face seeing him and knowing that something could go wrong and he wouldn't agree to let anyone else help. I also didn't want to be forced to keep quiet about things in fear of him stopping my treatment. I want to be able to ask my two long-standing consultants for advice - I don't want their intervention, nor will I allow or ask them to step on each others' toes. I just know this is so complicated and I need to be able to rely on people who know me best to explain things to me and tell me what's going on.

I have surgery next Friday, not exactly sure what's going to go on, but there's a bit more information in the link above. I have exams too, one the day before the surgery and three in the week after. I may have to defer, but osteomyelitis isn't going to let up until I have the operation done.

This is definitely one of the complications of AVM that I never thought I'd encounter. The AVM is now gone, but I can't believe I've landed myself in a situation like this. I can only pray that someone, somewhere has my back and is watching over my surgeons, my family and I and will be able to guide us through.

Best wishes for the surgery, Steph!