Delayed pain and brain swelling

Becca's brain continues to swell as a result from gamma knife in July the delayed reaction is normal from what her Dr. said however she is in horrible pain and there is no relief does anyone have any ideas for the pain she has been suffering since December

I'm sorry to hear about your wife's pain, Roger. If at all possible, she should see a pain management specialist who can develop a plan just for her as soon as possible.

Thanks Dancermom she had an EEG last week and we get the consult tuesday this week do not know if there is anything to learn from this test but hopeful for some more answers I hate to see her in this much pain quality of life sucks for her and is tough on the rest of us too!

Has your wife been checked for necrosis?

no she has not we will approach this with the DR.but after reading about it I do not think it fits she has pain in her head and all over her upper body shoulders and back in part due to falling and breaking a small bone in her shoulder but it has been months now and her bone is healed just the pain has not subsided. Her brain pain is due to swelling.

This discussion may be helpful:

I know there is a technical difference between swelling and edema, but I think most of our members mean edema when they talk about swelling?