Day 28!

What a great day! Zac was surrounded almost all day with his family and “friends”! His family treated him to something other than icky hospital food, :slight_smile: and Two dear friends came to visit, he was pretty tired but a good tired :slight_smile: I think he will sleep well tonight.
With only an hour and a half of therapy on Sunday it was a nice change for him, but he wanted to do more therapy instead of sitting around. Tomorrow is a a new week and a busy one.
Even better news! He walked to the bathroom! with a quad-cane but he did it…AND! open and closed his right hand! Seeing that made me cry and him too. His therapist says he should be home in about 10 days whooooo hoooooo! I personally think it will be sooner he is making such great progress and I can’t wait for the Tuesday evaluation.
So nice to have my husband back, to talk with, hold hands, and just simply “be” together

Until next time

WOW What wonderful news!!! Super happy for you and your family…I’m keeping you and Zac in my thoughts and prayers…Its really nice to hear some good news!!! Tell Zac to keep up the good work;)


Awesome! Congrats to both of you!

Great! That is good news! MY prayers are with you both.

Such wonderful news Karen!!! I am so excited for you and Zac. Thank you for all the updates they always make my day.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Such great news, and I know he will make more improvements every minute. My husband got to where he wanted to do so much by himself even if no one was in the room with him until they ended up putting an "alarm" on him so the nurses would know if he was up and around when he wasn't suppose to be, too funny! Determination is the most awesome thing! I can also relate to how wonderful it is to have your husband back! Keep it up Zac, we're pulling for ya in Virginia!


Thanks everyone!

Marie, YES he has an alarm too! If he gets off the bed lights start flashing and alarms blaring LOL

We have our evaluation today at 3:15 cant wait to see what they think progress has been the last week :)

Good to read your family is doing good. Best of luck to you and your family !!! Tonna

Karen, What a positive update! It sounds like Zac is going to be a hard worker in therapy! - Cindy