Continuous improvement

I had an AVM rupture after my wedding in 2010. I saw improvements at work last week. There seems to be no limits to our recuperation. I was told all if any healing takes place in the first year but I’ve not listened.


Great to hear! I completely agree that healing is a continuous process that never stops, sometimes just proceeds a little faster than other times. Sounds like you have added clear evidence to that! Take Care, John.

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Congrats @Cookster

You’re proof that healing can continue (I believe lifelong)

The brain is a wonderfully resilient thing and no one can convince me that the neuroplastistity of the brain cannot continue to adapt and evolve our entire lives because that’s exactly what neuroplastistity is

Very happy for you


My AVMs where fixed 6 years ago and I’m still getting better every day. Sometimes it feels like going backward. But no, body is just recalibrating. The more I push the more the symptoms get less. Just keep pushing and enjoying what you already have and any further gains you get in the future. Nice to be alive!


Wonderful for you!

Yes, my neurologist replied that at six months post-op, I most likely had recovered 90 - 95%. I was devastated! But, I was determined to acquire greater function. And, I did… for years. The changes were not necessarily noticeable to others, but opened up my life just a little bit more. And, for us, that’s a BIG thing!

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Amen. Beautiful sentiment