Calling all writers and those who enjoy writing

Hi everyone, my name is Anne and my mother had an AVM rupture about 2 years ago. The recovery is ongoing and every single day is difficult. You go from having someone who is like a literal superhero doing everything, to now where you need be the one to make sure things don’t fall apart. As a little gift to my mom I created this thing called Skip A Beat. We help rehabilitate and support survivors in miami! I have just created a website and we were wondering if people wanted to write articles or things they have learned in their journey. Please let me know, we would truly love the support too. You don’t need to be an expert journalist or anything, just a passion and some joy. Inviting anyone interested, please reply to this thread if you want more info etc. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Anne - sounds like a cool thing - get me more information

Hi Anne, it’s cool what you’re doing. I happened to have a blog detailing about my experience of Surviving my AVM and give some tips and insights on what I have learned from my recovery. Here is my link:

I’m interested! Send more info when you get a chance.

@Anne, sign me up! I’ve got a blog I would love to contribute and help!

Hey @TJ127 @randombeggar @Sam2307 @BethC! I just checked out the attached blogs and I think they are written beautifully. I would love to have you all write articles for SKIP A BEAT. Here is the website: . I have been busy so my goal is to strengthen it this summer. You can write a post of any length on any topic ranging from recovery, to useful tips, to your own story and experience! Thank you all so much, I can’t even begin to describe the joy this gives me :slight_smile: Hope to hear from you all soon!

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So Seenie in the @ModSupport team has worked out with Anne how we might best contribute to the skip a beatt web site. We are quite keen not to let your talents just migrate somewhere completely different!

So, Seenie has written a post on our own Blog category and it would be great if you blog there, then give Anne permission to use on the skip a beatt site as well.

Hope this makes sense.

Very best wishes,


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I have a writing and tons of paintings about my recovery. What are you looking for and how does it work?

@Anne what are you looking for?

@Shelleybelle @DickD Hi, I am open to whatever you are comfortable sharing. I would love to see your writing and the paintings seems very interesting. The goal is to compile various entries and post to skip a beat blog site. Skip A Beat works to help rehabilitate stroke, avm, and brain injury survivors. The blog space is an area where people can go to give tips, tricks, or stories on what helped them or even your own personal experience. At the moment I believe @DickD has created a space where you can post these writings and paintings and I can share onto Skip A Beat website. Goal is to eventually make it so that you can directly post on website. Hope this helps, please reach out to me if you have more questions :slight_smile:

Feel free to blog here:

And Anne can pick up relevant blogs for Skip A Beatt.

Hi Anne and the rest of you worthy people. I’m willing to share my story. I only have one tip-- “Don’t do a lot of the stuff I did!” I’m 61 in 2 days. AVM bleed at 14 and epilepsy/meds ever since. It’s been interesting and sometimes fun although not for everyone close to me. I’m not into blogging. What’s the best way to contribute? What’s the ideal length? (I can be long-winded. hahaha)