Back home after my first embo

My embo was scheduled for Tuesday but I got a call at about 8:52 ( we were going to leave for Boston @ 9:30) that they had an emergency procedure so they were “delaying” mine until the next day. A little bit of a bummer to be mentally prepared to get things going but none the less I hope that whoever was in need of an emergency procedure recovered as well as I did. I’m going to take note for next time to tell whoever puts my IV to STOP putting it in the crook of my arm because it hurts since it bends then when you’re hooked up to the machine it beeps like crazy if it isn’t situated just perfect. The night before I went in I had this tickle in my throat I couldn’t get rid of- kept me up for 2 hours hacking away trying to put it to rest, and since I couldn’t eat or drink there wasn’t much remedy besides exhaustion- which soon came into play. Either way, the whole procedure went really well. I like my doctor a lot because he’s kind of a character- hes got this really funky mustache, definitely something everyone around the hospital talks about. All and all it took 5 hours soup to nuts. I wasn’t really sure what to expect because although I looked for someones story about their embo, there really wasn’t anything detailed from beginning to end. Wasn’t thrilled about the catheter, it made me feel like I was in constant need of using the bathroom- and a squirmy little kid. I managed to get a pinched nerve in my left arm from laying down so long, it makes the sensation in my hand feel like I was laying on it and it’s asleep. It’s getting better the more I use it though. The first night I was in the ICU, and it was miserable- not anything anyone else doesn’t know. 8 hours immobilized and I’m a belly sleeper so not much sleep. I think I gave my nurse something to do all night, and I think she was just being nice saying that I wasn’t her biggest pain in the butt! I was lucky when they moved me to my next room because it was the only single on the floor- at the very end and super quiet! I was pretty excited to have a shower in my bathroom too. Very glad to be home though. Not too much pain at the wound site, and only a little disoriented. Headaches are at a minimum, yet still pretty tired. While laying in bed waiting to be discharged I got a call from Dr. Pryor’s office scheduling my next embo for the 27th. He seems to think that they can get most of it, if not all of it with embo. I’d like to opt for a crani if they can’t get it all just to be done with this. Radio isn’t a route I really want to go but I guess I’ll leave that stuff to the people who know best. Happy to find a little normalcy in all of this.

Good luck with you recovery - I think we must have had our Embolizations on the same day.

Glad to hear you got that one over with.Hope you can get it all with embo. That would be the best news…TAKE CARE

Glad to hear it all went well! I didn’t realize that you were only postponed for a day, thought you were going to have to wait longer. So I guess that wasn’t too bad.
Ya, the pokes in the crook of the arm can hurt! And sometimes the blood starts backing up into the IV as well. I actually always get mine there cause it is the “easiest” spot to get it in. My veins are high maintenance and all other IV pokes for me likely fail. So if your veins are uncooperative, you may always end up there as well! Sorry! :slight_smile: You get used to just keeping your arm straight…
It’s great that they are going to get you in for the next one so quickly. Hopefully this will work and you won’t need further treatment.
Get some rest and heal up!

Welcome back, SJ. It’s good to hear that things went well (in the grand scheme of things anyway).