My daughter has an AVM and had 1 small anerurysm which they used what they called the glue to plug the anerurysm. She is still in the hospital out of ICU but is experiencing extreme lower back pain as well as still having bad headaches which is being controlled by pain meds. The CAT scans are coming back clear every time they do one and her ICP’s were well within normal limits. Does anyone have any input on how long this continues after the procedure to stop the bleeding? She will have to do the radiation treatment in the very near future. One day she seems to be getting better and the next bad headaches and backaches… I would appreciate any feedback.

Hi Connie my avm did not bleed but I did have 2 embolizations which use the glue. My headaches have never gone away. And after each surgery the headaches were bad and controlled by pain meds. i hope for your daughter that her headaches subside very quickly along with the back aches. Make sure she takes it easy I know if I do to much and over work myself I get hit with a bad headache where I do not get out of bed! Praying for your daughter and your family as well. Sorry if this info wasn’t exactly helpful :frowning: Prayers Andrea