AVM treated in 2008 - Peripheral Vision Problem after Bleed

I suffered blackout followed by vomiting and unconsciousness and paralysis of my right side of the body but i am lucky to have recovered of all that nightmare. I am in India where Medical Sciencs has a lot of progress but in big cities and we live in a small town in Jammu and Kashmir India where we do not have lot of good medical facilities. I had discovered that my right peripheral vision had got disturbed after the attack in May 2008 - after which i was treated with Gamma Knife in New Delhi and results were perfectly successful at the end and in 2010 doctors declared that AVM had vanished and i was a free man… but recently my eye doctor advised me to again take advise from neuro specialist as the optical nerve had got damaged perhaps and I now wonder and wish that it doesnt go worse than what and where it is today…

Shivam, Many of us have damage to our peripheral vision due to our AVM's. Honestly, there is nothing that can be done to repair it, such as eye glasses. It would be a good idea to make an appointment with a neuro ophthalmologist for more information.

Its very unlikely to get worst now you are cured and a good few years since but as Louisa said it cant be repaired a lot of us had damage in this area cause of a bleed think over time we all just get use to it and adjust but defo shouldn't get worst I asked that exact same question to my specialist few years back luckily mine not too bad still allowed to drive and was not told need to have regular checks on it so think that's another good indication they don't expect it too worsen.

All the best

My vision loss hasn't gotten worse since my bleed which was 7 years ago. It hasn't gotten better either. My age is now contributing more to my poor vision but that is just from the normal aging process. Over time you develop good habits to compensate and it is definitely manageable.