AVM/pregnancy/heart problems


Ok so I am 30w pregnant with my 4th child. I wasn’t diagnosed with my AVM (in my left calf) until Dec. 2016. Anyway I’ve been having heart palpitations, sometimes many of them in a row. They occasionally make me cough and I am short of breath but I can’t tell how much of that is pregnancy related or if it is abnormal.

Yesterday I was sitting in bed and started to have a lot of palpitations in a row, then it felt like my heart squeezed really hard for a moment and my chest got tight. I tried to take a deep breath and passed out. I couldn’t have been out for too long because my phone (which I was playing on) was still lit up in my lap. I went to the ER and the doctor who checked my out heard the palpitations and they checked for blood clots (I have a history and im on a blood thinner) which was clear. My blood work came back fine, no was a little high but I was very nervous. EKG was normal (but it only lasted about 5 seconds) chest CT was clean and I had an echo yesterday (will probably take awhile to get back to me)
Has ANYONE delt with heart problems related to your AVM/pregnancy? I have always had palpitations during pregnancy but I didn’t have the shortness of breath or syncope. My AVM has grown with each pregnancy but it isn’t overly large. I’m just trying not to stress about this.



Sounds quite scary and I’m glad you went to the ER. Hoping others might help, and I’m just nudging you up the list a bit :slight_smile: