AVM cannot end a Swimmer’s Dream

After a pool accident when Charlotte was 17, her world seemed to plunge for a while. It was because of the AVM that she did stop from doing what she liked most – swimming. Charlotte was a swimmer for South Axholme Sharks, Doncaster Dartes and Edlington Swimming Club. However, after months of staying in the hospital, her career in swimming has been affected.

AVM has lost Charlotte’s ability to swim for a few months. She also experienced bad headaches caused by the AVM. She said that it was not an easy task to suddenly do nothing at all after being used to doing loads of things as a swimmer. Despite everything, Charlotte’s hopes remained high.

Despite born with AVM, she knows she was also born as a champion. In fact she has won a lot of swimming competition already. This time she cannot lose to AVM. At present, she is planning the gala. With the aid of Neurocare, a charity that helps fund equipment for people with brain conditions, Charlotte is going to swim again.

Life cannot be too good at all times. However, in times when it seems too rough, we simply need to remember who we are. Every man born in the world has a title and purpose. Although Charlotte suffered from AVM, she never did forget herself as a swimmer. Thus, do not let a piece of obscurity eat up your whole life. Stand up and enjoy life as who you are supposed to be. 

Hi Im an avm survivor and a fish in the water as my friends call me. I love this story. Please keep update on how it all goes. O ya and I now work as a swim teacher for kids with both physical and leasrning disabilites.

You've given us some very good advice. Thank you for sharing it with us. As a matter of fact, I clippped your last paragraph and I'm going to share it with some of my friends. I hope you don't mind.

I'm happy for Charlotte that she can continue doing what she enjoys. Good for her!

I had to chuckle at the pic... I remembered when I had to wear that halo.... :)


Hi Mary....I was a scuba diver and just love the water...Don't let your AVM stop you...Stay Strong!