At the beach for the last summer weekend

We went to the beach in Maine on Saturday. Had a great time. The weather was perfect, not too many tourists (just us) and lots of room to spread out. We were sitting there looking at the various views and couldn’t help but see the different kinds of people (we’re a fascinating species!). So, I thought I’d share with you some of the types we observed- I bet you have some on your beach, too.

The Family Unit: Mother, Father and 2 kids. Mom and Dad don’t look the least relaxed as they spend their day trying to wear out the children so that they can have a quiet evening. Dad looks like he’s having fun, though. He’s stuck in the office all week, so its a treat to be outdoors. Mom sort of looks like the day is yet another chore on the road to the kids’ 18th birthday.

The Retired Couple: No kids (thank god, they’re thinking). The male of the pair wears long plaid trunks, his ponderous belly speaks to a lifetime of martini lunches and lots of red meat. The female still preens, hoping for some attention in a strict one-piece. She pines for the day when her partner would willingly lather on the sunscreen. Now, she’s lucky if he offers her a drink from the cooler.

The Gaggle of Girls: In groups of three they descend in mutual support as they all lack male companionship for the day. Inevitable, they are varying shapes and sizes and, just as inevitably, one lacks any fashion sense, choosing comfort over fashion in her suit- she’s too young- she should work it!

The Bevy of Boys- playing frisby, tossing the ball, strutting (its really the wrong beach for strutting and their efforts are rather wasted, but fun to watch). They compete to see who can show the most crack in the back, heaven forbid that they actually wear a suit that fits. They shout hoarsely, glibly unaware of anyone else.

The kids- the absolute most fun to watch. The little girl with the Shirley Temple curls, the other with the frazzled pony tails and the bucket and, of course, the gleefully innocent one, standing just at water’s edge, trying to work up the nerve to get wet. This group is the most fun to watch.

And so the summer plays out. We’ll all be back again.

Living life is grand!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed your musings, Brian! We did the same thing in Daytona Beach! lol Great minds thinking alike again! lol