Article about the Stem cell clinical trials going on for Stroke and TBI in USA

Yeah an update: they’re currently in phase 3 trials I believe, i talked to someone at Stanford that’s part of the team. As for Japan, I believe that they’re are ahead moving forward now to government approve the sb623 cells soon. They’re ahead of Stanford as we speak. I’ll keep you guys updated as I’m sure @Angela4 is doing the same.


I wonder why my doctor never told me that I had a stroke? Maybe he missed it in my exrays.:thinking:

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@Alison are you saying that you read it in your medical report? I am so sorry if that is true and your dr never informed you. I think I might get a new dr if that happened to me. Its not something a dr should miss its pretty clear. Love your cat photo!

No i never read it but i sure have all the symptoms of a stroke. Slurred speech, unable to concentrate, unable to express myself, left side is numb, hard to grasp situations. I guess it could be my Avm doing me that way??

@Alison I can see why you think so. Did you ever lose consciousness? You could also have a stroke during the angio/embolism procedures - That happened to me as well but I had a major stroke prior to that so I when I woke up I knew what was happening .
Can you access your records via the web or get print outs of your MRIs?

I don’t know if I can do that. It has been a long time since my last MRI. I will let you know what i can find out about those. Oh I’ve never lost consciousness in my life. Been a little droggy at times but not passing out.