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Article about the Stem cell clinical trials going on for Stroke and TBI in USA


As some as you know my Stroke Dr head of stroke at Stanford is part of this clinical trial.
When I spoke to him recently he said the trials would be completed Sept 2019 and then awaiting FDA approval.

More results will be published in the spring regarding the stroke patients they only used patients with ischemic at least in the Stanford pool ( its a Nation wide test -USA) so no one with an AVM type of stroke etc. But he said once approved it would be up to the neuro to apply to someone with paralysis from a bleed from an AVM.


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I need to read this yet but I think it is of such interest that I’ve moved it to the AVM 101 category so we can all find it more readily. As you learn more, do keep this thread updated.

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@DickD Thank you Richard!
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Thanks Angela for the info on stem cell.

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Your welcome! Soon another article should be out regarding the results on stroke .
I will post it as soon as I see it


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Any update please?