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Another Uterine AVM...from Switzerland!


Hi everyone,
as I already wrote in the “New member introduction”, my name is Katja, I live in Zurich (Switzerland) and I’m 34 years old. After a long wait, my husband and I were finally get pregnant thanks to ICSI but unfortunately the baby had a chromosomic disorder, so at 13 weeks we decided to end the pregnancy. After the D&C, I had light bleeding for almost 2 months, and the doctor told me that I probably had a uterine AVM but also small pieces of placenta. One day I woke up and I started to lose a lot of blood and blood clots, so we went to the ER and, after an MRI, they did an embolization. The day after I still had blood clots and bleeding (but much less). After 3 days post embolization the bleeding stopped but in the ultrasound there is always an hypervasculated area: maybe it’s a small piece of placenta or maybe it’s the AVM. Unfortunately the doctors doesn’t know and they don’t have much experience so, for now, since I’m not bleeding anymore (almost 2 weeks, yeah! :tada:) the approach is “wait and see” and “don’t touch”.I’m also taking contraceptive pills and waiting for my period in one week. I’m really scared about it :cry: I really want a baby and I hope this AVM issue will resolve! I also planned a trip to visit my parent at the end of the month (together with my period) but I’m not sure if I can…I don’t want to have an hemorrhage on a plane! Ok, it’s only an hour and a half trip, but I’m scared and traumatized…
So, I suppose no one here knows a doctor in Switzerland specialised in uterine AVM :slight_smile: