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Angiogram today

Hey everyone. I could really use some prayers or if you aren’t the praying type then positive thoughts today. I go in for an angiogram to see where things are at. I am getting a new neurosurgeon and he is requiring it. I’m fine with it because it means I get an update on where I am with the AVM closing down. I just really want good news. I need to hear this journey is almost over. Thanks in advance.

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Best of luck to you today and both thoughts and prayers coming your way! John.

Hoping the very best news for you and a comfortable day :crossed_fingers:

Thanks everyone. Didnt get the best news. There has not been any change (which didnt come as a surprise). It does look like there are a couple more feeders that they’ll want to get with an embolization after the radiation. It really feels like this nightmare will never end. I’m suppose to go and see the neurosurgeon in a week or so to go over the results of the angiogram in more detail. Trying to remain strong.


But then, I’m not sure we should have hoped for much after just 1 year. Radiotherapy is a treatment that needs the greatest patience. That you’ve got more to embolise is a bit of a downer, too. We’ll try to stay strong with you! Are you in less pain than you were last year? Your position then seemed rather nasty.

Chin up. There is still light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a bit like making your way through the tunnel with your eyes closed, and being allowed only to open them to see if you’ve made it out every so often (once a year), to then see that the light is still rather a long way further to go. But the only thing to do is close your eyes and carry on walking. We all know that if you walk through a tunnel it takes longer than you’d think to get back out into the light.

Sorry it wasn’t better news,


Sorry to hear that, but I agree with Richard not that unexpected given the time. Sounds like your care team is thorough which is certainly positive! A bit of a kick on the embolization but a lot better to get it right without doubt. Know that you have a great deal of support from us! Take Care, John.