A type of prosthetic hand

Hey everyone,

Hope your day is going well. Now I know my idea is far from now but, does anyone know research that is being done on "robot skins" that fit over your actual body parts like your hand or leg. I believe I put a "robot skin over my actual hand and leg maybe I can regain some of the function. I am too old to regain full function but, I believe that this kind of technology could benefit me except I do not know of research being done or if this is even possible. Thank you for read and I hope to read your response.

Hi Kevin, my degree is in prosthetics and orthotics, although due to my avm I’ve not been keeping up to date the past year. So This info may well be rubbish!
As far as I know a “prosthetic skin” in the field is usually an acrylic layer that fits over a prosthesis to make it look like a normal skin coloured body part.

I think I know what you are getting at though, and the closest thing I can think of is a mechanical orthosis for your hand/ arm. I would suggest you type “myomo arm” into google and have a look around. It’s a light brace not a skin, but I’ve seen it in action with soldiers after paralysing spinal injuries and it really works wonders!
Hope this helps a little!

As for the legs I’d try a spring loaded knee brace! Again unfortunately nothing as sleek as a second skin!


try this link from Medgaget Kevin.

Look at the options by Saebo

I will, for sure, look into that prosthetic skin. The Saebo option my daughter has been working with for years and it does not help much. I'd be interested in hearing any other options not only for prosthetic research but for any sort of hand/arm rehab that has proven beneficial. I heard the TAUB clinic has helped, but they will not take my daughter since even though she can somewhat clasp her hand, she can not extend her hand.
I anxiously await a response. Can't get over the AVM site....love talking to people who REALLY understand.

Thank you Ricki. I do understand this AVM stuff is not easy. Since my diagnosis at age 7 to 8 my life has not been the same. It helps having humor around. Making light of the situation helped me. This robotic skin idea has been in my head for a while but, I don't know if it is possible. My right side both arm and leg have been affected by a brain AVM on my left hemisphere. The fingers and the hand is slow but, progressively constructing. The arm I can move but, the disorder has affected the functioning and slowly the functioning is becoming less. I believe that technology is so advanced so there must be some technology to make my muscles remember how to function. I don't even know if this is possible again but with the advancing technology maybe there is something out there.


First of all, maybe could you just get a paten for just your IDEA of 'robot skin'? Unfortunately, you know how some people can just read about an idea, then zoom forward and snatch it up! Be careful.

Good luck to your idea.

Lisa A. Stuckel

Thank you so much!

I just got mine last week in the mail. It's called a saebo and it works wonders!! I know I will never fully be able to use my arm again but the sabeo works to retrain muscles throughout arm and I have watched my hand move and noticed my fingers gripping for the balls that came with it!!

Vangi, have you had success with a Saebo? Thanks.