Ok ya'll,....here is the "Paul Harvey",...."The REST,.... of the story"

The preceeding was "copy/pasted' from an earlier Forum post.

"What were you doing in the minutes that led up to your AVM rupture?
My lady, Nellie, my two children and I had just returned from a wonderful vacation at a water park in Arkansas. We got back in town on a saturday afternoon. I promised my children that I would take them to see "The Dark Night" Sunday, ( the batman movie with heath ledger). It was during the movie I had a severe headache. So much so I was feeling a lil' nauseous, and was anxiously waiting for the movie to end. On the drive home I was concentrating on my driving and not talking much. My daughter sensed something was wrong and asked if I was ok. I dropped the kids off at my ex's house and went home. I told Nellie I wasn't feeling well and wanted to lie down for a bit. My daughter called and again asked if I was ok, I told her about wanting to lie down and relax for a while. Evidently I dozed off, and awoke to my Lady asking questions of me. I tried to answer but couldn't, the next thing I remember was two paramedics in my bedroom asking if I wanted to go to the hospital. I said yes.

My daughter and son actually saved my life, by calling Nellie and telling her that something was wrong with dad, (me). Nellie called the ambulance, the ambulance arrived and I was escorted out to the waiting ambulance by the two paramedics. My Lady, daughter and son, and my ex, were outside crying, I told them that I would be ok. Nellie followed me in her car to the hospital, my children and my ex were right behind her.

That is basically what happed just prior/during, to my AVM brain bleed."
Well,....now I am in the St Francis hospital, with my Lady Nellie, my brother, my children and my ex, and please understand, I am relating information that I was told after the fact.
I was placed on a steroid IV with morphine injections and an immediate MRI was done and comfirmed that I had a cerebral AVM bleed. It was bleeding so much that I was also considered for immediate corrective surgery. So basically I was out of it in "limbo land". I was transfered to another hospital, Methodist Hospital, and placed under observation in ICU. During my stay in ICU I vaguley, remember nurses and Dr.'s comming in and out on a regular basis. I remember being asked questions (ie), "where are you?", "what is today's date?", "what hospital are you in?" I also remember my Lady Nellie holding my hand through-out this/my ordeal. I remember my brother comming to see me, and asking about me. I remember my children comming to see me. I remember my supervisor comming to see me and delivering a card and collected money donated to me and my condition. I was told that at one time I became "combative" and tried to leave ICU, (note: I am still on a steroid IV with morphine injections as well as another IV drip, substance unknown, as I suspect a form of saline solution for hydration.) so yes I am still "loopy".
As days passed, I became more aware of my surroundings and condition. (note: this was about day 5 in ICU). I was able to speak in a drugged out condition, and was told about the AVM, and had it been another centimeter larger I would have been operated on immediately. I was told that I was a very, very lucky man, as I could have died from this AVM.
The cerebral AVM had reduced in size, proven from even more MRI's, angiograms, and my ability to speak more clearly.
Needless to say,....I dodged the bullet with my name on it...... I Survived.
I was kept in ICU for another two days on constant monitoring devices. Then I was moved to a private hospital room for another period of time. Additional test were run and I had another series of MRI's performed. It was again confirmed that the brain bleed had stopped and the original cerebral AVM had indeed reduced in size.
On day two of my private hospital stay I was introduced to two neurosurgeons from the Semmes Murphey Clinic. I was shown MRI scans of my brain and the AVM. I was quite cognitive at this time and asked many, many questions. They also informed me that I was ready to check out of the hospital, and that they would make arraingements for me to do so. I was told that I would need at least two months of home confinement/recovery, with montoring from my neurosurgeon, and by my Lady Nellie.
While I was in the hospital (ICU and the private room), I remember waking and seeing my Lady Nellie curled up sleeping on the sofa/fold out bed the hospital supplied. Nellie would check on me personally in the morning, go to work, and check on me in the evening and spend the night by my side. My brother and children would also visit, but nothing to what Nellie did. She basically never left my side, except to go to work. Nellie was my dedicated Life Partner.
I am now at home, recovering/recouperating and getting back to being myself. I was approved for the Family Medical Leave Act, and was guaranteed my job and position when I was offically released from the home confinement. I was not allowed to drive and in all reality spent most of my time asleep. For two months I was on "hydrocodone", on decreasing doses. During this two month time period I had many numerous appointments with my assigned neurosurgeon Dr. Jeffery Sorenson, from the Semmes Murphey Clinic, and in a nutshell was given three choices: One,....do nothing and monitor the AVM with regularly scheduled MRI's. Two,...embolization/gamma-knife, Three,...embolization/corrective surgery. Again,..Nellie was with me at each and every appointment.
well,....this is enough for now,....but I will continue this "blog" on another date.

William, I logged on to say hi, and noticed you updated your blog! You have an incredible experience to share. You are a very fortunate man, not only to have survived this medical emergency, but to have Nellie by your side every step of the way. Aren’t we lucky to have special partners in our lives? I know I am. Bless you and Nellie, as well as your kids…have a wonderful 4th!
PS: Keep the corgis safe during the fireworks!

Hi, William I was reading your story and yours sounds a lot like what happen to me, we are very blessed that someone decided that we were well and to get us to a hospital. Seems like all the doctors give us the same three things that we could do. I like the do nothing but when he said it could bleed again then I go scared so at the end of this month I will have my first embo. Many blessing to you and Mis. Nellie she is a god sent angel. Keep us posted on your recovery.