#16 and Counting

I’m off to Denver tomorrow after a morning exam for surgery #16 on Thursday in Denver with Dr. Yakes. My little buddy Camellia will be having her 16th also the day before me so we may be able to see her on Wednesday for a Whole Foods Gelato if she feels up to it. I am flying direct this time on United so won’t automatically get the perks and good seating I get on Alaska Airlines from being an uber frequent flier so may have to use the hurt leg card to try to get a better seat, especially on the return fight. I am at high risk for blood clots in my leg so the ability to get up during the flight and move around is important post-op.

Other than that things are pretty routine, school and trips to Denver.

It’s time again!? It feelsl like you were just there! I’m so glad you are able to keep up your studies with all these trips and surgeries and you should be so proud of yourself. I hope it is a good trip and not too much pain. And I think you should TOTALLY play the hurt leg card! It has to make your life easier somehow, right? and it’s also better for your health so do it!

Hey lady! You are probably on your way to Denver now, or maybe there already. Apparently there is a little snow to greet you upon arrival, although being from Alaska I guess you are probably “so over” the wonder that is snow! Sorry to hear you have to travel like us regular folk. And I’m with Joy, use the leg card. I mean how often does having this VM benefit you? Exploit it while you can sister! I always use it on the return flights to pre-board. Of course with my droolyness I think most people are glad not to have to stand in line near me where they may get slimed…
Hope everything goes well for you tomorrow and that maybe you get one of those big “Done” scribbles on your chart. Oh, and Jodi told me about how you are all the picture of health and eating well… so just a little inside info- the thing on the menu that sounds like a yummy berry smoothie…it’s not…it’s a tiny juice box! Just give in and order a milkshake instead :slight_smile:

The people at United were very accommodating and moved me up to the second row in coach on the aisle for my return. I haven’t asked for a menu at the hospital for probably over a year and always order the same thing. We ate at the South on Wednesday night so took in enough calories for a few days.