1 year mri

hey everyone! I just got home from my 1 year post op mri, i looked at the disk and i cant see anything but i cant on the original mri either :stuck_out_tongue:
mri was fine, not a prob, i actaully fell asleep for about 20 min until he came into inject the dye, lol, i was so suprised i fell asleep, those things r so damn loud! lol
this mri was a bit early, my 1 yr anniversary is march 15 and i see my surgeon march 5…oh well

hope everyone is doing well!!

:heart: jess

hi, Jessica- I can fall asleep now, too, if they give me earphones. It is really noisy.
Hope you get great results!

i had headphones but nothing was playing for the first part, idk what happened, lol. i just started counting the clicks and poof! i was asleep, lol

Wow I didn’t think it was possible to fall asleep in that thing. Every time it turned on I almost jumped up in alarm. I really hope you get good results!!

Yes, I fell asleep during my MRI’s also. The problem is that I rolled during my sleep. Then, they hard to start all over. People were surprised that anyone could sleep with all that noise. It’s good to see that someone else could fall asleep in one also.

Good luck.

I thought it was funny when I also fell a sleep . When I came out I asked the tec…was I snoreing ? He laughed and said no,…But since I take meds I snore.

Congrats on the 1 yr MRI. It’s a big marker towards getting past all of this.

Well i got the radiologists report and i have some swelling in my brain
My neurosurgeon is out of town til mon morn and until then no polo and i have big games tom

i cried when my mom told me and idk, im pretty bummed about polo but im hopeful because my surgeon has let me go back twice now…
im saving my real reaction for when i talk to him…

thank you
monday cant come fast enough (never thought id hear myself say that, lol) at least its presidents day! lol

those things are that noisey, you must have had good earpluggs!

Or good seizure drugs

Nah, ive nvr had a siezure and i didnt have earplugs, lol

my surgeon just called about half an hour ago. he said overall the report looks very good and the avm may have obliterated itself already but he needs to see the scans when i see him in march. he said that depending on how my headaches are he might put me on steroids but to wait and see
and water polo is fine :)))))

Great news! So glad that you got the green light for Water Polo! Just being back to your “real life” stuff makes all the difference doesn’t it?!??
And I fell asleep last time too. Granted they gave me some “relaxing” drugs cause I was super freaked out and going to have a panic attack…but still! I think it has something to do with the rhythm of the noise. You know? Yes it’s loud but it still lulls…