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Headaches and pains

Hi Carol,

I too had 2 procdures - the firstone aparently did not close the full fitsula and I also wernt in for 8 hours of anesthesia. After a week I had a bald patch atthe back of my head it was about 3 inches round all the hair came off. Luckily half of it has come back after 8 months. I had my second embolizatin 3 months ago and to f=date I am dizzy at times in the day and whenever I lift anything I get a severe pain behind my eyes and to the top of my head. Both procedures used onyx. I’ve met an ENT surgeon who said that it could be vertigo as well since the embolization was right behind my left ear under the brain. Hes put me on mediation and the dizziness has improved very slightly. I’m wondering if i will ever be back to normal life. Is there any doctor or hospital out these anywhere in the world who can help me diagnose the correct reason !! thanks, atul