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Gamma Knife treatment


That’s is great news Allison! I’m so happy for you. It is so good to hear of these successes, I had gamma knife 5 weeks ago ad hope to be in the same place as you some day.


Thank you JD

I’m confident that yours will die too. Is this your first treatment?


I had cyber knife and was also told it can take 2 years for it to work completely


Allison, that’s fantastic! Have a happy life!


Yes first one for me, we are hopeful one will be enough. They were able to be '“generous” with the dose due to the void around the AVM from the bleed. Certainly does look eerie on the scans, but I guess from a treatment perspective it helps! I remember the first time the neuro surgeon talked about the void, I just about fell out of my chair. Ultimately it all became part of the learning process that is this journey.


Hi, I’ve recently joined your forum,and this is my first post, and I’m happy to share my Gamma knife surgery (GKS)experiences.
I had a brain haemorrhage 2012 caused by an AVM which is in the centre of my brain, hence open brain surgery was too dangerous.
Oct 2012 I underwent GKS in the U.K. Where I live. I was advised that there was a 75% chance of success in the first 2 years, and 95% chance of success in the first 4 years. At the 2 year post surgery point I was advised that the AVM had not successfully been eradicated, and at the current reduction rate, it would not be eradicated at the 4 year point either. I continue to be at an increased risk of re haemorrhaging.
So In Sept 2015 I underwent my second dose of GKS. I now wait till Sept 2017 to undergo another cerebral angiogram procedure to see if the AVM has kindly gone😀
In the interim I thank God for many answered prayers, that I’m miraculously alive and kicking, despite losing 20% of my brain cells from the bleed.
Although I have a permanent brain injury and am now visually impaired, God clearly hasn’t finished with me yet, He has more work for me to do here on earth, and that quite an exciting place to be!
I would like to wish all you readers a very blessed Christmas.

Proverbs 3 v 5-6


Similar story. 5cm AVM found at 12, found i still have a 2cm AVM at 36. The difference is my gamma knife destroyed the right side of my body at 14. My right arm and leg are fairly impared. I always thought it was worth it as the avm was gone. The joke was on me. They wont do more radiation nor operate.

Yeah expect it to take 18 months.