Zac's Crani Scheduled

Zac has had 5 embo's the last one was last Thursday. They are now ready for the big one crani :( The last two embo's screwed with his speech a little bit the last one more than the one before. Doc says this is probably going to be an issue after the crani. If thats all we have to deal with after thats fine with us!! :)

He goes in on the 27th, a day of tests and the crani is on the 28th at 7:30 am.

They are doing an MRI, MRA (I am not sure what that is) and a CTA? not sure what that is either! I think? they are when they use the contrast for the scans? Can someone let me know the difference between them. Thanks!

Not sure how we feel, scared, worried, anxious. We wanted it done asap but with holiday I am sure it was hard to schedule the team.

So now we know and here we go!

Hope all of you are well and have a wonderful Holiday

Peace and strength be with you

Found this site about info on MRA...

Plus CTA...

Hope this info helps. I will say a prayer that the surgery runs smoothly!