Your recovery

It’s been 18 months since my rupture & surgery I have came a very long way my will to get better has helped a lot my ankle and my arm doesn’t ever seem to get better when I walk my arm just hangs in the hook position I want to fix this so bad any suggestions

Hi, blewis! Try acupuncture with a fabulous practitioner if you can - ask your friends for recommendations. Mine is a 100% Eastern trained wizard. She loves to stick my arm and hand bc she knows it's really good for me but I hate it bc it hurts. Also, my PT's have been telling me to really think about trying to move the left arm (swinging) with walking bc it is often pinned to my side doing the "hook" thing as you describe. They did say, though, that if I'm going to do the hook I should keep the palm down bc it looks less "disabled." Easier said than done. I also purchased a fancy coloring book from Costco and practice coloring with my left hand (I'm right handed and the left side is the compromised side). It is uphill work and not fun, but when I feel my left motor skills regressing I get my colored pencils out. Maybe just start by squeezing a tennis ball and carrying it around with you so it gives the hand something to do. I've also done "strengthening" exercises with a Theraband for my left ankle. You just hold the band, loop it around your foot, and then bend your foot in every direction for X reps. Hang in there!