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You can't make this stuff up


Honestly, this is absolutely the truth…

My local ENT doc encouraged us to get a 2nd opinion, particularly relating to the vocal cord paralysis that I have been dealing with. So we went to the University of Michigan (about 150 miles away). The docs have been great, very helpful, take the time to answer questions. All good stuff.

So, we saw him in October, did a swallow study in December - no surprises - told us how messed up my system is. Sent me home with basically the encouragement that what we had is what we’re going to have and any improvement will be very slowly (years, not months) but that using it is not going to damage it.

Ever since December, I’ve had a persistent cough - that’s not like the normal bronchitis junk I get every winter (welcome to living in the land of clouds and snow}. Starting about about 3 weeks ago, I started having more problems with swallowing and choking. Only a couple of times were even potentially anything more than a nuisance and only one of those, well let’s just say I was within a minute or two of telling my daughter to do the hiemlech on me.

Needless to say, I was looking forward to, but nervous about, the previously scheduled appt today. I had been e-mailing with the doc about some of this and he’d been responded in a way that made me comfortable that he was taking it seriously, but kind of nervous about what’s going on.

We live about 150 miles away and they were predicting snow and potential freezing rain. So, I headed out early this morning giving myself plenty of time to make it there if roads were bad. I got there about 2 hours ahead - no problem, go to the hospital cafe buy lunch and get caught up on what’s happening here.

1 hour before my appt, my doctor’s office called me. “Tom, we need to reschedule your appt, your doctor just went home sick.” I had checked in at 11:00 in case he had a cancellation. At that point, all was on schedule. An hour later, he’s on the way home, sick with the flu.

I’m glad he didn’t get me sick, but geez, so what did you do today Tom? I spent 6 hours in the car in annoyingly nasty weather, for nothing. Oh and that drive was NOT good for my headache, which normally doesn’t go above a 5 to 6 but was an 8 throwing in some good old fashion nausea with it. Driving down the highway in the rain with a hefty headache And you are wondering if you are going to have to pull over and puke? Fun times…

And now I’ll have to wait 3 weeks and do it all over again.

Like I said, you can’t make this stuff up…


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