Yippee off to St Maarten

Hey everyone

My travel insurance is about to run out at the end of August, so off to Saint Maarten next week for a wee holiday, been told that due to me having an inoperabe avm and 2 bleeds under my belt that my insurance company will not renew my policy and every other company i have went to in the uk wont insure me either! can anyone help? i love scotland but i also enjoy my holidays hehe

Have fun!!! Holidays are a good way to let your mind think of other things other than your brain. Maybe a cruse can be your new form of transportation to your destinations or will you still need the travel insurance?

Hi there Kevin my nephew also has the same name as you! lol I have just been told i have an avm but have to wait untill i get diagnosed first and this is taking 3 month to see specialist at Glasgow Southern General. I also cannot get insurance without diagnosois! i also like my holidays haha and i booked this one before knowing i had this brain thing! xxx If you can help in anyway i would love to hear from you! take care x

hey Lynn,

Dont think am your nephew LOL on yer question of travel insurance its a frigin minefield out there, GRRRRR i have insurance with AXA insurance via my bank account, do you have this facility?

cheers kevin