Yearly MRIs after removal?

I was under the assumption that once an AVM was removed, that you were "in the clear." But as I have been communicating with some people from other support groups, there are cases where people with cerebral AVMs that have been removed have come back in other places, but more than one of them. Many are also saying that they have to get yearly MRIs into the foreseeable even though their AVM was removed.

I was not given any inkling that I should be prepared that more AVMs could form. What is everyone's else's uderstanding of this?

Here is the quick lowdown on that, faux:

AVMs out side the brain recur frequently.
Dural avms recur frequently.
AVMs inside the brain have a few risk factors for recurrence: your age (the younger you are, the more likely the recurrence), deep venous drainage, a hormonal event (such as pregnancy), or a trauma.

Everyone should have at least one followup scan. Those at risk should have more. Yearly for the rest of your life? I don't think so. That would be excessive. Some members have had way more repeat angios than seems advisable, too. Angios have risks, too.

If you have had a follow up angiogram that shows the entire AVM has been removed then you are in the clear as an adult. AVMs can only form again if the miss any part of it.
A lot of what you have read involves…gamma knife radiation. That takes a while to be effective…sometimes years.
With children…their AVMs can form agin since the brain is still developing.

Hi, I too seen that post on FB and wondered the same thanks for asking on here :) , I mentioned HHT as a possible cause but have seen no reply, But below information is good and I will follow up with my neurosurgeon when I have the date for my next surgery . Thanks again :)

Im with Barbara on this one i have been told the exact same thing when it comes to AVMs and recently saw my neuro a month ago...she keeps telling me the angio is clear but is happy for me to have another MRI as i have been getting headaches and worried...she is doing this out of courtesy for me but is not personally worried, although i am as most of us here all are after going through what we have...AVMers dont have standard headaches anymore...we suffer a headache we get scared right away because we are reminded of the past...God bless