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Wrong words


My gamma knife doctor told me after the gammaknife surgery that they only could treat one part of my AVM. Because of problem whith the pictures from the x-ray, the "clips" from open scull surgery from last year disturbed the scaning made it fuzzy.

I went home wery sad.Then after two weeks when I talket to my other doctor for qustions about this his said that he did not understand. The gamma knife surgery was perfect. They treated all of mt AVM. He lookt in all the papers from the surgery.

Most people think that I did not hear the gamma knife doctor properly. But I did.

Is this some kind of joke?


I'm sorry, Sanna, how frustrating for you. I would suggest contacting your gamma knife doctor again for clarification. I hope your second doctor is right, though, and that your gamma knife surgery was perfect. Best wishes!


No matter what, it will take time for the AVM to "shrink". Minimum time would be 2 years before they give u another angiogram/MRI for comformation of the success of your GKR.


Thanks. My other doctor told me that it was a missunderstanding. They did treat everthing he was talking about something else.( In a very strange way. ) I still have some problems after the open skull surgera for one year ago. But after one and a half year I m getting back to work and starting to live a normal life.