Writer's Team Disclaimer

I have uploaded the raw disclaimer for the proposed BensFriends.org professional writer's team that will ultimately enable us to both demystify our own rare disease and promote BensFriends.org to the forefront of the worldwide medical community!

Ben'sFriends Writer's Team Disclaimer

At this time all participation is voluntary. No one will be turned away due to any physical, mental, or other constraint. This includes language, age, race, nationality, sexual or religious orientation as long as the participant agrees that their participation will place a positive light and promote the mission of BensFriends organization, which is a network of support groups focusing on people worldwide suffering from rare and uncommon diseases, thus allowing them to build support for, and network among themselves to better understand, befriend, and demystify the rare condition afflicting them.
If you want to participate, and hesitate to apply because of a problem or disability you feel will keep you from fulfilling your duties as a team member, we, in turn will do our best to refer you to organizations or other resources providing adaptive technologies to enable participation on an acceptable level.
All we ask is that you display a reasonable amount of talent and determination to ultimately make both a positive impact on the ultimate goal of our project in one or preferably all of the following areas.

1. Medical research applicable to the rare disease featured in the support community.
2. Copy appropriate to the researched subject.
3. Final edit as needed for publication.
4. Assistance in locating an appropriate publisher.
5. Funding for the actual publication, as well as determining appropriate and alternate language and format.
6. Promotion and publicity creating awareness, need, and desirablilty of the product.
7. Knowledge of copyright and other related legal considerations relevant to publication.

Completion of the accompanying application will place you in a favorable light for acceptance into the Professional Writers Team. Thank you for your interest in our project and we welcome you in advance!

Rob Forsythe